Sunday, November 16, 2008


Today we had a good day of worship and fellowship. The sermon was particularly good and taught us about the Jewish Passover. There are so many parallels between the celebration of Passover and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Perfect Lamb.

After church, we had two families over to our house for lunch. I cooked Chicken Tortilla Soup and we enjoyed a good time of fellowship. One of the families has three teenage girls, and they kept Grace entertained the whole time. Actually, they even did the dishes for me! What a blessing it was to just relax and know that Grace was in good hands.

One of my goals is to invite people into our home more often. There are so many people that we see every week during Sunday School or church, but we really don't know them. Today was a good opportunity to get beyond the "Did you have a good week?" and "Great weather we're having!" conversations.

And, I even found future great babysitters for those rare occasions when Todd and I actually go on a date!

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Paula Constable said...

Hi! just found your blog.

Its funny you wrote about this because I have been making an effort to make time to have friends over instead of letting the excuse "we're just so busy" stop us.

Our church just started a new Connections Ministry that reaches out to members in time of need and for fellowship opportunities. Invite someone you may not know over for dinner and they then invite someone to their home.