Friday, November 7, 2008

Library Trip

Today we went to the public library for story time and craft time. It's been a while since we went during the children's hour, so Grace was very excited. After listening to a couple of stories about cupcakes, the kids got to decorate pretend cupcakes with sequined sprinkles.

This will give you a little insight into Grace's personality. (I'm not sure where she gets this trait...certainly not me or Todd. I think Mimi might be the culprint.) Anyway, while the other kids were excitedly throwing sprinkles on their cupcakes, Grace was more concerned about the mess that was being created than the result of her artwork. It REALLY bothered her that sprinkles were falling on the floor. She kept trying to clean up and pick up every single, solitary, microscopic sprinkle in her workspace AND the other kid's workspaces. I finally put my foot down when she exclaimed to the little boy on her left, "Watch out! You're making a mess!"

The librarian kept telling her it was OK to make a mess because she would clean up after we left. When it was time for us to go, she didn't want to leave until her table was clean because, "We HAVE to clean up, Mama!"

At this point, I'm not sure whether to laugh at this personality quirk or be worried. I can only hope we're not dealing with a future Mrs. Monk!


Slow said...

Granddaddy said, "You're right. It's Mimi!

Mimi said...

There are worse traits you know! Maybe she's CDO like me. (CDO is OCD in alphabetical order--as it should be!)