Sunday, November 30, 2008

Why Didn't I Think Of That?

Today I heard about a business called Babyplays that "rents" new toys to kids on a monthly basis. This is brilliant. You sign up and pay a monthly rental fee. It's like Netflix for toddlers. You select online the toys that you wish to be delivered to your door each month and at the end of the month, you simply box them back up and drop them off at a Fed Ex site.

All the toys are lead tested and exceed safety standards. Many are educational in nature.

This is a really cool idea if you are looking for a special, unique gift for a toddler in your life. It's not exactly cheap, but it's truly the gift that keeps on giving......

Seriously, one day I'm going to come up with an idea like this. Then, we're going to Disney World!

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Lori Pope said...

Dear Joanna,
Thank you so much for your sweet and positive review of BabyPlays. We are really working hard to make our program outstanding and beneficial to families who want to reduce clutter and toy spending. Just a note about coming up with an idea for a business, remember that as mothers we are creators. We are problem solvers and are always capable of seeing solutions. When you open your mind seeing solutions, you will certainly see them, and one day the solution you see may be the one that Disney buys!

Warm Regards,
Lori Pope
CEO & Founder