Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Works for Me: Cheap Fun

works for me wednesday

A few months ago, Happy Hopperz bounce house opened up just a few blocks from our home.  After hearing many rave reviews, Grace and I tried it out.  It was a blast!  Even better, they have a “Toddler Time” where children under five can play without fear of a huge 12-yr-old jumping on them. 

We go most Wednesday mornings, and it only costs about $3.00 for each three-hour playtime.  And, they regularly send Buy-One-Get-One-Free coupons in the mail, so we took our friend Caleb along for free this morning.  The best part?  They are WORN OUT for naptime.  Oh yes.  They actually have a sign posted in their play area that says, “Helping make naptimes better for moms across America…” or something to that effect. 

Anyway, Grace and Caleb had a blast playing together, and I ended up calling my girlfriend and inviting her to bring her two little ones so we would have some company. 

Good times were had by all…..

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Mrs. Sprinkles said...

That's too funny! We have two jumping places near our house, but they're not that cheap. :(

Joanna J. said...

Yeah, I can't figure out why they're so much cheaper than other places. It's $3.99 each time at the door, but if you buy a 10-time toddler pass it's just $29.99. Thirty hours of jumping for $29.99 is well worth it for me.

KCShipe said...

Wow! I want one near me!!!

The MeFest Team said...

McDonald's playland is a good spot too (in most cities)I have a WORKS FOR ME WED about it from a couple of weeks ago