Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things I Love Thursday – Suave Detangling Spray


My 4-yr-old daughter has long, thick hair.  As you can imagine, combing her hair after bath time often turns into sob-fest.  Even using shampoo products that are labeled “detangler” or “shampoo plus conditioner” have not worked for us.

This Suave detangling spray is fabulous! 

suave detangler

After she gets out of the bath, I towel-dry her hair and spray a fair amount all over her hair (about 10-15 pumps).  I use a large toothed brush to gently and easily remove all tangles.  Not only does it work well, but her hair smells so good…like granny smith apples!

This product is cheap, too.  I always pay less than $1 when I stock up during sales…coupons are in the paper at least once per month for Suave products. 

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Anonymous said...

when my hair is long, i use this on myself! i love this stuff.

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

We use this exact same stuff for my daughter's hair! She has quite the long locks, so it has saved us some tears after bath time...or even in the morning when I do her hair. That reminds me...we're almost out!

Denise said...

We call that "no knot spray" around our house. I use it constantly on my kids. It works great on bedhead in the mornings too. My daughters all have very fine hair and it is the only thing I've found that makes getting their knots out bearable.