Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Play day

Yesterday I resumed my normal babysitting routine, and let me assure you that Grace was so ready to see our friends!  She asked me all of last week when Caleb would come back to our house. 

There was much excitement when she woke up extra early…instead of a good morning greeting, she exclaimed,  “Is Caleb here yet?!?”  Naptime wasn’t happening yesterday, either.  She couldn’t handle the fact that Caleb was under the same roof, but not actively playing with her (he actually slept). 

Here’s a picture of our dance marathon in the living room.  Caleb had some pretty good moves (including the “Twist” and “Rapper Dude”) that he taught her.


In the afternoon, we went outside and explored for dandelions.  They were very sweet to share the excitement of blowing the seeds together.

007 After they had blown all the dandelions, the hunt began for yellow flowers.


We had a long list of activities, and they stayed busy all day.  We played with toys, read books, watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, helped with laundry, played monster, played hide-and-seek, went “camping” in Grace’s princess tent, played Hungry Hippos, worked puzzles, cooked lunch, “rescued” each other as Super Heroes, and told stories. 

I’m glad that Grace has a sweet friend to play with.


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