Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Break!

spring break

Spring break is here!  Even though it’s a wet, rainy 38 degrees outside right now, we are excited!

Todd has the whole week off from school, and I have the whole week off from babysitting and teaching music lessons.  We’re trying to come up with a few free (or really cheap) activities to do as a family over the next several days. 

Tomorrow we’re just relaxing around the house and enjoying a day with absolutely nothing to do.  On Sunday, we have various church activities and we’re hosting guests for lunch in our home.  On Monday, we’re planning a pajama movie day with free Redbox movies and homemade popcorn…slumber party style with lots of pillows and blankets…Grace gets very excited about this!  Hopefully by Tuesday the weather will be better and we can plan an outing to the park for a picnic.  One day we’d also like to check out the Weatherford farmer’s market…we’ve heard a lot but never been.

I think that more than anything, we will enjoy just having Todd around the house with us.  It will definitely make rounds of Candy Land and Memory more interesting!  Does anyone have any other suggestions for free (or cheap) activities to do as a family?  Maybe specific to the D/FW area?


the lewisi female said...

1. Chick Fil A is my favorite restaurant, hands down. I prefer it for a date night most of the time! (my husband is lucky I am one cheap date!!)
2. The Weatherford farmer's market is SO GREAT! I have so many great memories (coincidentally they also all involve french fries) from growing up and going out there... even better is their peach festival! You should go.. the tea is amazing!

Anonymous said...

I live in Florida, so it is much warmer here, but parks, zoo, do you have an science museums or planetariums near? We have indoor putt putt golf, bowling. But if I was there I would join in on the slumber party movie night. I love watching movies. Sounds like you have enough planned for a great family week... ENJOY!