Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things I Love Thursday – Diet Twist Up


My favorite drink is Diet Twist Up from Wal-Mart.  Not only is it one of the cheapest brands of soda you can buy, but it TASTES GREAT!  This drink is basically the generic form of Diet Sprite or Diet 7Up, and I happen to think that the flavor is better than either of these name brands.  At my Wal-Mart, it costs 88 cents for a 2-liter and $2.34 for a 12-pack.  There are no calories, no fat, no carbs, no caffeine, and a miniscule amount of sodium! 

Diet Twist Up

To really put this drink over the edge, add a slice of lime and a splash of cherry juice.  Enjoy!

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janetfaye said...

I will have to try this, thank you!

Wifey Dessert said...

we love this at our house too!!! i never tried it with cherry juice.. sounds yummy!! thanks for the tip!!

Kaycee said...

We go through soda so fast, I always buy the store brands. It sounds yummy with the cherry juice.