Wednesday, March 4, 2009

James LaFleur


Well, the only bad thing about watching tonight’s LOST episode was finding out that I have to wait TWO WEEKS for the next episode!  I mean, I’m a huge fan of Dancing With The Stars, but it’s not worth pre-empting LOST!

Tonight’s show was incredible.  Not only did we get to focus on my favorite character, Sawyer, but there were many touching moments.  Like when Daniel saw young Charlotte.  And when Sawyer asked Juliet to stay on the island.  And when Amy gave Paul’s body to Sawyer.  And when Juliet cooked dinner for Sawyer.

The jury is still out for me on a Sawyer/Juliet relationship.  I’ve seen it coming a few weeks, so it wasn’t a big surprise, but I think I prefer Jack with Juliet and Sawyer with Kate.  Especially after I saw Sawyer’s face when Kate got out of the Dharma van.  (Somebody nominate Josh Holloway for an Emmy!)  Poor Juliet is probably going to get her heart broken.

The best line of the night goes to Sawyer when he called Richard “the guy with the eyeliner.”  I am a bit confused as to why Richard didn’t pump Sawyer for more information about who he was.  He seemed content to just take Paul’s body and go back to his people. 

Here are some other questions I am pondering tonight:

  • What is the significance of that huge statue?
  • When/where is Ben going to show up?  Are Ben and John in the same “time travel zone” as Jack/Sawyer/Kate, etc.?
  • Where are Rose and Bernard?
  • Who are the “hostiles” led by Richard, and what is their purpose on the island?
  • Why was Amy able to conceive and deliver a healthy baby on the island?
  • Why was Horace drinking and blowing up trees with dynamite?

We didn’t really learn a lot of new information tonight, but it sure was fun to watch some great character development.  Feel free to comment with your own answers or theories!

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the lewisi female said...

I can't believe that Sawyer is your favorite character?!?! I personally really really really want Kate to stay with Jack... I'm so glad Sawyer is "in love" with Juliette... but I must admit I see a heartbreak in the near future for her. Poor girl.. she just can't compete with Kate!