Sunday, March 29, 2009

Embarrassing Moment #25,479

I could probably start a whole blog site dedicated to my life’s embarrassing moments, but it would have to be anonymous so you’d never know it was me!

However, I thought I would share something really embarrassing and slightly funny that happened after church today.  After I picked up Grace from the children’s building, we were sitting in the lobby and waiting for Todd to pull up the car.  There was a middle-aged woman standing close-by.  She was wearing a tight, flower-printed dress and had unruly, reddish hair piled in curls on her head.  Her make-up was very heavy and she had on lots of jewelry.  I swear she looked just like this:

miss hannigan 

You can see where this is going, especially given Grace’s recent fascination with the movie and soundtrack from Annie.  I noticed that Grace was staring at her, so I tried a distraction technique and asked about her Sunday School lesson.  Unfortunately, the woman noticed us and tried to get Grace’s attention by asking her name and age.  Then she pretended to reach down and “get” her.  Grace responded by squealing with delight and yelling, “Mama!  Help!  Miss Hannigan is trying to GET ME!” 

I honestly don’t remember what I said to the woman.  I know there was a lot of nervous laughter on both sides and I mumbled some sort of apology.  I could tell her feelings were hurt, and Grace didn’t make it any easier when she added, “Mama, Miss Hannigan was mean to Annie, but she was nice to me!”  

Once the woman left, we had a conversation about how movies are a way of pretending for fun and Miss Hannigan is a character, not a real person.  And she should NEVER tell someone they look like Miss Hannigan.  *sigh*


Anonymous said...

that was SO funny. to read about. because i'm not her mother. i'm sure you just wanted to run away!

i just recently saw that movie again (hadn't seen it in 20 years at least) and i had forgotten how awful miss hannigan is!

Mimi said...

Soooo CUTE!!