Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Works-For-Me-Wednesday Dinner History

works for me wednesday

I enjoy keeping a record of the dinner meals that I have cooked over the years.  For one, it’s fun to read back over the different things I have prepared and served!  Secondly, it helps me plan a better variety of things to feed my family.  I can look back and repeat things that were a success while keeping an overall picture of the different dishes I have tried.  It keeps me from getting in a rut!

Here is an example of my record.  I use a simple Excel spreadsheet:







1/20/091-2-3 JambalayaRiceFrench BreadCaesar Saladeasy!
1/22/09BurgersBaked FriesFixinsFruit SaladTodd’s favorite
1/23/09Chicken QuesadillasSpanish RiceSalsa 20 min. meal
1/25/09Chef SaladDeli meatsVeggies extra good = homemade dressing

I’ve been keeping records for almost two years now, and I hope that one day my daughter can look back and see the meals we prepared together as she builds her own repertoire of cooking.

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Jane Anne said...

This is fabulous! I just started keeping a monthly record so I don't get in a rut. I never thought about saving it long term. Thanks for passing it on. Here's what I have been doing (also my WFMW post): Meal Planning

Anonymous said...

Wow that is really organized. I will probably never keep a meal record since it is only me I am cooking for. My mom and I eat together sometimes, but we kind of just wing it day to day. But that is something different to pass on to Grace. You have a lot of great ideas