Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Difference Between Boys and Girls

A couple of days per week, I babysit a 3-yr-old boy named Caleb.  Grace LOVES him, and looks forward to his visits.  Through her friendship with Caleb, she has learned all about cars, trains, Super Heroes, and football. 

Today as I was driving home from picking up Caleb at his preschool, I chuckled as I listened to the two of them make up songs, singing at the top of their lungs to each other.  This is not verbatim, but the best that could recall of their “improv” songs:

Caleb: (sung to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me”)

“Batman is the go-od guy, Joker is the ba-ad guy.  Batman has the Bat-mo-bile, Joker tries to steal his stuff!  They were fighting and kicking each other.  Batman has the biggest muscles.  Joker loses again and Robin kicks him in the pants!”

Grace: (indistinguishable original tune)

"The rainbow is high in the sky…Cinderella has a pretty dress.  She was dreaming and dreaming and dreaming.  A dream is a wish your heart makes…it comes truer and truer.”

I think they have a future in the music biz.  Or at least in the 6th grade talent show.

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Anonymous said...

OHH GOODNESS this was so precious. Too bad you couldn't have recorded it and played it for them when they were much older.

We were cleaning out some closets and found a cassette tape from one of those childrens recorders we had bought my daught for christmas when she was about 4. It had her singing and playing with the neighbor girl. She was walking all around the house talking on it. The both of us laughed soo hard listening to it.