Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day!

Well, almost.  Todd got a day off work because his school district (which is about 30 miles west of us) had icy conditions this morning.  We didn’t really see any precipitation until late this afternoon. 

Forecasters are predicting up to 1/3 inch of ice accumulation that will “turn our area roads into an ice skating rink” by tomorrow morning.  So it looks like Todd will get one more day off.

Our sweet friend Joy had her gallbladder removed today.  For those of you that know her, everything went great!  We drove up to the hospital this afternoon where Grace enjoyed trying to push all the buttons on the medical equipment learning all about IV’s and blood pressure machines.  Joy’s husband described her gallbladder removal as a “desperate attempt to catch up with him on weight loss.”  They are both looking fabulous!

On the way home, we stopped at Blockbuster and rented a few movies for entertainment during our ice-out.  I’m looking forward to watching Prince Caspian and National Treasure 2 tomorrow!  Right now we’re letting Grace watch the new Dr. Suess movie.  She thinks it’s incredibly funny that a main character name is "Jo-Jo.”  The kids that I babysit call me “Miss Jo-Jo”, and Grace will sometimes call me that in a desperate attempt to get my attention (which I always correct).

And now my awesome husband has graciously encouraged me to go upstairs and have some alone time.  I’ve been nursing a headache most of today, and a dark room with a warm washcloth on my forehead is calling my name…..

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