Saturday, January 3, 2009

Busy Day

Today has been a busy day filled with unpacking, cleaning, shopping, and organizing.  Todd went into the office to prepare for his first day back at work next week, so I have been in full throttle mode....I didn't even stop for lunch until I realized around 1:30 that Grace was trying to eat a 3-week-old Goldfish cracker off of my neglected kitchen floor.

The house is finally (mostly) in order, but I haven't tacked the Christmas decorations yet.  I'll wait until Todd gets home tonight and let him do the honors of climbing around in the attic to get down all the packing boxes.  My goal is to have it all back in the attic before I go to bed.

Grace is busy painting with some new Disney Princess watercolors (thank you Brad and Anne!) while I make a short post.  In a few minutes, I'll make some quick tacos for supper.  Then, I'm going to put up my tired feet for a while until Todd gets home from work and I can start with the decorations.  

I have so many topics, stories, and ramblings swirling around in my head!  Hopefully over the next few days, I will have some time to write and share.

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Anonymous said...

Hey if a 3 week old goldfish cracker was the only thing I found on my kitchen floor I would be delighted. I won't even begin to name what I can recognize, let alone the unknown things.