Monday, January 5, 2009

Kitchen Stuff

This year for Christmas, I received some great kitchen items.  My baking sheets that I received as wedding presents 13 years ago needed to be replaced.  The nonstick coating was peeling off, especially when I roasted veggies at high temperatures in the oven.  I would find little black specks in my food....gross!  

I received some beautiful new baking sheets in assorted sizes from my new favorite store, Sur La Table.  Basically, it's the French version of Williams-Sonoma.  From this store, I also received a new digital meat thermometer, a new tiny wisk for scrambled eggs, a sturdy spatula, and a new corkscrew.  However, my favorite gift was a beautiful new roasting pan in vibrant red!  My mom liked it so much that she bought one for herself after she saw mine.  Also, mom passed down to me her older large cutting board since mine had a huge crack in it.  

It was fun to come home and throw away my old baking sheets and cutting board (they weren't even able to be donated) and put the new items in my kitchen.  I can't wait to use my baking sheet for the first time tonight when I roast our meatballs.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you cook a lot, so you deserve nice new kitchem items.. especially since you got the absolute most out of the other items. ENJOY!!

Iyana said...

Sur La Table provides truly amazing kitchen stuff!! I too love to shop at here!!