Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You Know You’re A Good Mom When…

you discover your child eating old chocolate chip cookies she found at the bottom of a shopping cart and you let her finish them because she’s “SO SO SO hungry!”

you allow your daughter to go “butterfly hunting” with two friends while you visit with the their mom.  Upon returning from the “hunt” with a live moth, you just smile and shrug as you watch your daughter squish the moth with her hand while trying to hold it, then lick her fingers.  *shudder*

you let your child drink your Pepsi Max right before bedtime because you’re too tired from The Shred to get up and go to the kitchen and get her some juice.

you realize while doing laundry that you forgot to wash your child’s bed sheets last week.

you find yourself rationalizing that a quick coat of hand sanitizer on your child’s major extremities would be a lot faster than bathtime.

you secretly take the batteries out of your child’s favorite Elmo doll because it’s the most annoying toy EVER, then act surprised and suggest that maybe Elmo is tired and wants to take a nap when your child wants to know why he doesn’t talk anymore.

you get to the end of the day and regret that you accomplished nothing on your to-do list…yet your daughter climbs into your lap and hugs you and says, “Thank you mama!  I had so much fun today!”


Anonymous said...

LOL...loved this! And I can relate...

Tammy Wilson said...

Yes! I'm a wonderful mother :) It's always nice to know other moms do this stuff, too.