Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Milestones


Well, I made it!  Sixty pounds is gone.  It’s hard to believe I was carrying around almost two extra Graces all the time.  It took 26 weeks, a lot of sweat, a few tears, and much determination.  I officially weigh what I weighed when I got married over 13 years ago.  (Although it seems like things are shaped a little differently…hello motherhood!)

I have the energy to tackle my final goal of thirty pounds.  I realize this might go a little slower, but I’m hoping to reach it by Nov./Dec.  It’s hard to even imagine how that will feel!  It’s been 17 years since I was slim.  

I really appreciate the comments and notes of encouragement I’ve gotten over the weeks.  It’s hard to explain, but when you’re losing weight, what you see in the mirror doesn’t always seem to match what the scale says.  People tell me I look slimmer, but when I look at myself, sometimes I don’t feel any different.  And it can get pretty discouraging at times. 

But now I’m starting to really enjoy the difference in how I look and feel.  It’s fun to go shopping and try on clothes.  If you are a person who has struggled with weight, you will appreciate this next statement…It’s nice to look in your closet and know that EVERYTHING fits and you have a wider selection of clothes from which to pick! 

So, my goal this week is to stay the course and be consistent with my nutrition and exercise.  My biggest desire is for these to be lifetime habits.


Mimi said...

I am so happy for you and so proud of you! And I'm so thankful to you for encouraging me in this weight loss/healthy lifestyle journey as well. I met my goal this week as well. I've lost 31 lbs.!! I'm setting a new goal for 15 more. I can hardly wait to be with you in August to cook together, exercise together, (shop together :) )! Love you lots, Mom

Kim H. said...

You are doing amazing... and I think you look great! Hang in there - because temptation is around every corner, but I do think that you've made some serious life altering habits - and you should be VERY proud of what you've accomplished.