Monday, July 13, 2009

Sweet Husband

Tonight after dinner, Todd walked in the kitchen and told me to go get a pedicure!  I haven’t had a professional pedicure in.…oh…ages!  I just don’t like to spend money on something I am perfectly capable of doing myself.  It’s a luxury, and luxuries are the first things we cut out when we decided that I would quit work and stay home with our daughter. 

But he really wanted me to do it as a reward for doing well on my diet/exercise plan over the last few months.  So I thought about it for about five seconds, grabbed my purse, and ran out the door for some blessed alone time!  I went to the little nail shop by our house that has been having a “grand opening special” for the past six years.  The ladies are really sweet and they weren’t too crowded, so I got an extra-long foot and leg massage.  Bliss!  That, my friends, is the entire reason I enjoy pedicures. 

Todd told me to take my time, so I stopped at CVS to pick up a prescription and ended up just wandering around the store, savoring a few moments of child-free browsing.  When I got home, Grace ran up to me and said, “Oh, mama, I missed you so much!”  She had red raspberry jam and peanut butter all over her face from a bedtime snack sandwich that she had begged her daddy to make.  But she had a really good time with her daddy, and it was nice of him to spend some quality time with her when he’s really busy with school work this month.  A it was nice of him to give me a little pampering!

Thanks, Todd.


Anonymous said...

how nice! i love that you gave it a full five seconds' thought before running for the door...i don't know if i'd have waited so long :)

oh, how i love pedicures. but i'm with you...they're a special treat.

Mimi said...

Good job, Son-in-law!