Monday, July 13, 2009

Hot Day

This afternoon the outside temperature reading on our car was 107 degrees.  Crazy.  My poor flowers in the front yard must be watered twice a day to keep from drooping!  But they’re still alive!  I had a close call on one of them, but it perked up when I moved it to partial shade.  I guess even plants that say “full sun” can’t handle July in Texas!

Grace and I went to a little water park today to meet for a play date with my best friend from high school.  It was so much fun to see her and catch up.  (Love you, Emily!)  We reminisced about the old days and swapped stories about raising kids.  It’s weird to see her with a son that is taller than both of us.  Where does the time go? 

It was also sweet to see Emily’s older sons helping to take care of her two little ones in the pool.  What a rare sight to see teenage boys being so nurturing to their siblings!  In this day and age it’s more common to see fighting and arguing, but it was nice to see her kids being so kind with each other.

When Grace and I got home, we were worn out from being in the hot sun, so we got cleaned up and had a lazy afternoon reading books and watching “The Rescuers” on my bed.  Jillian was calling me to do The Shred, but I just couldn’t resist cuddling with my favorite 4-yr-old and being transported to the magical world of Disney!

When Todd got home from studying in the library, Grace was so excited to tell him, “Mama took me to Dollywood, Daddy!”  I gave up trying to explain that the water park we went to today was NOT Dollywood, but in reality it looked just like the water park we went to on vacation!  In her little mind, it WAS Dollywood.

Good times.

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