Monday, July 20, 2009

I Think I’ve Fallen In Love


These are the best athletic shoes I have ever owned.  I bought a pair of Nike Air Pegasus + 26 running shoes at Academy this morning.  Besides finding a good value, my two main criteria were a good heel cushion and a high arch support.  After trying on several pairs, I had settled for a pair of Asics. 

Then I saw these on a display…they were $10 above what I wanted to spend, but I just wasn’t completely sold on the Asics.  I put them on and the angels started singing.  These shoes actually make me WANT to do The Shred.  It seems like someone took a mold of my feet and custom-designed these bad boys to fit.  The bouncy-cushiony sole really makes me feel like I’m walking on air.  And aren’t they cute?  Too perfect!

I came back to Earth when I put my old sneakers back on, realizing just how hard and flat they were…no wonder my heels have been hurting! 

If you’ve never tried on “running” shoes because you thought they were only for runners, I’d encourage you to do so the next time you’re in the market for athletic shoes.  I’m sold on this design…Nike has been marketing the Pegasus for 26 years, and now I understand why they are so popular!

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Anonymous said...

hooray for cute running shoes! they make all the difference.