Monday, July 20, 2009

The American Way

I ran to the UPS Store this morning to fax some documents and saw something that made me laugh.  If you’re a bargain shopper, you probably know that CVS and Walgreens are having fabulous sales on office and school supplies right now. 

Well, the manager at the UPS Store is also very aware of these deals and decided to take advantage of stocking up his inventory this morning.  The UPS Store has a section where you can buy various office supplies (pens, pencils, highlighters, etc.).  They are dreadfully overpriced and mainly there just for convenience. 

The UPS manager walked in the store with two big bags from CVS and Walgreens.  He eagerly showed another employee all the office supplies he had scored for next to nothing.  He then proceeded to go to the wall of office supplies and restock his inventory with what he had just bought at the pharmacies.  Hilarious.  And quite smart.  Capitalism at it’s finest.

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