Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Visit with Granddaddy and Mimi

My parents arrived for a much-anticipated visit last Saturday, and I realized this evening that I haven’t taken one. single. picture.  It’s shameful, really. 

Sunday we enjoyed worshiping in our church together, then eating lunch at the Genghis Grill.  In the afternoon, I showed my mom our newly remodeled Wal-Mart!  We bought a few groceries and essentials for the week and just enjoyed walking around together. 

Grace caught a cold and has been under the weather, so we stayed home on Monday and I caught up on some yard work.  Of course, we had to make an obligatory Wal-Mart trip in the afternoon to get some things that we forgot or didn’t know we needed on Sunday.  For supper, I grilled some hamburgers for the guys while Mom and I ate Boca Burgers.  We were planning on sweet potato fries, but after trips to both Wal-Marts with no sweet potatoes available, we settled for regular baked potatoes. 

Grace was feeling much better today, so we headed to Hobby Lobby to look at the Wilton products that were 40% off.  While there, we ran into my 4th grade teacher from 1983.  She actually remembered me! 

Then we headed to a follow-up appointment with Grace’s allergist.  We got her blood results back and he went over the specifics with us.  Her IgE is extremely high, which is most often a predictor of respiratory problems as she gets older.  A severe Class 5 allergy to cats was confirmed, as was a Class 4 allergy to dog, egg, and mold.  So, there are NO PETS in our future.  Todd’s a little disappointed, but I don’t mind because it’s easier to keep a clean house and travel.  Basically, everything is good right now…we are managing her eczema pretty well and she has no asthma symptoms.  We’ll go back in six months and discuss testing for outdoor allergens (she must be 5 years old for this). 

Tonight, we made a delicious dinner.  I worked on some quesadillas made with fajita chicken, zucchini, squash, onion, carrot, red pepper, and cheese.  Mom made a fabulous mango salsa with black beans, corn, red onions, mangos, red pepper, lime, and cilantro.  We served the meal with sour cream, red salsa, and avocado.  It was a party on the plate as well as for our taste buds!  And all for only 450 calories! 

We’ve had so much fun with my parents and we’re looking forward to spending the rest of the month together while they stay with us during my dad’s sabbatical.  Mom and I have all sorts of outings planned:  Sam Moon’s, Julie & Julia, farmer’s markets, cooking and exercising together, tax-free weekend shopping, and just hanging out while doing our new favorite obsession:  Crostics.  It’s like the Cadillac of crossword puzzles and totally addictive. 

Tomorrow we’re going to Central Market to stock up on some bulk spices.  We’re also visiting Todd at his school and taking some treats to his office staff!  Hopefully I’ll post some pictures tomorrow!

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