Monday, August 3, 2009

Fall Clothes

I went through Grace’s closet yesterday and re-organized it for fall/winter.  I’ve got a nice pile of size 3T winter clothes from last year that are ready to be sold at my local consignment store.  She can still wear some of the things that were size 4T and a little on the large side last year.

I loosened the adjustable waists of her winter skirts and she can get another year out of those, too.  But she didn’t have any Sunday dresses for winter, so I sewed her a corduroy jumper today.  It turned out so cute! 


This outfit will look even better with tights.  The collared shirt she’s wearing underneath is a Janie and Jack shirt I found at a consignment shop for $1.99 in perfect condition. The Gymboree shoes were in great condition for only $2.99.  I just love consignment shops for kids clothes! 

I’ll probably sew her a couple more jumpers to rotate with collared shirts.  I’ve also been thinking about sewing her a Christmas dress.  I don’t usually make fancy dresses…I’m very impatient and NOT detail-oriented.  But I’ve been saving a beautiful high-quality red velvety/corduroy fabric that is begging to be sewn into a holiday dress.

Anyway, if you are wary of consignment stores, I would encourage you to give them a try.  The ones I frequent are very picky about which clothes they re-sell, so you are always getting quality clothing in excellent condition.  They are also good places to support local seamstresses and buy bows, monogrammed accessories, and hand-crafted boutique dresses.  I even found some recycled dancewear for Grace’s upcoming ballet classes! 


Anonymous said...

I have always loved consignment shops (ours here generally buy clothing outright from the sellers and then sell it themselves). However, as my boys have gotten older, I've found that it's incredibly difficult to find things that are not totally worn's such a bummer. Pretty much after about 4T it's all junk. :(

Joanna J. said...

That's a good point. It IS harder to find larger-sized clothing in excellent condition. I find myself having to dig a little more than I did when Grace was an infant/toddler!