Thursday, August 13, 2009

Panning For Gold

Grace’s favorite activity to do with Granddaddy is pan for gold.  During his recent trip to Alabama, he visited a gold mining operation and learned all about how to extract flecks of gold and platinum from soil.  I thought it was a bit strange when I saw him lugging a huge bucket full of mud when they arrived last weekend, but it has provided hours of entertainment.  Every time Granddaddy takes a break from his sabbatical studying, Grace asks him to play or pan for gold!


I am just not patient enough for this activity.  There is a very specific process and equipment that is used to separate the gold from the dirt.  I will admit that every little scoop of Alabama dirt has produced gold, but it is painstaking. 

012In this picture, they are using a little plastic bottle to suck up the gold flecks.  He saves the flecks in a glass bottle.  When he has enough saved, he can have it melted into a piece of jewelry or simply sell it.  

Who knew there was gold in the Alabama soil?  Who knew there was someone that was patient enough to filter it out by hand?  Just further testament to how much I love the South.  And my dad.

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