Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of Ballet

Grace had her first ballet class this morning.  She has been anticipating this day for weeks, and couldn’t believe that today was actually the day!  Here she is practicing some moves before we left.

003 Today was also the first day for me to start babysitting our friend again during the school year.  He actually enjoyed tagging along!

005I’ll admit that I was a bit nervous about how Grace would do when we went into her class.  She has always been hesitant about changes and new situations.  Sometimes it takes her a while to warm up.  Soon after we walked in the room, she promptly fell HARD on her bottom while walking in her slippery new tap shoes.  Of course this resulted in some tears and clinging. 

However, after a minute or so she bravely walked to her assigned spot and sat down awaiting instruction.  All the moms (and one granddad!) exited the room.  I prayed the entire time that she would have fun and really enjoy the class.  Thankfully she did!  I was so proud of her!  She participated in all the activities and was smiling every time I peeked through the glass to catch a glimpse of her. 

I happened to be watching when they changed from tap shoes to ballet shoes.  The poor teacher was trying to help ten little girls locate their bags and get their shoes off and on.  Grace walked right over to her bag, took off her tap shoes, put on her ballet shoes, zipped her bag back up, and walked back to her assigned spot.  I couldn’t believe it.  I know it seems silly that I’m impressed by this, but self-guided, independent behavior goes contrary to her nature in a completely new environment.  My baby is growing up! 

After ballet class, I took them to McDonald’s for lunch.  Here they are with Ronald, the creepiest mascot ever.  But then again, I have a strange aversion to clowns.  It all goes back to an old episode of Little House on the Prairie.    But that’s a story for another post…

012They had a blast on the playground and acted so sweetly towards each other.  I think they’ve missed playing together over the summer!

011Before she went to bed tonight, we practiced some of the new moves she learned.   She can’t wait to go back next week! 



Kim H. said...

That is so sweet that she loved Ballet. And the moments that you saw and were able to see your wonderful parenting come alive - even better. I'm glad that it was a good day for all of you.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness...could she be any cuter or sweeter? adorable!

must hear the clown aversion story. i don't much like them either. LOL at the "creepiest mascot ever" line!

Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

I love this picture!!! So cute! Natalie just loves ballet!

Mrs. Sprinkles said...

That is the most precious outfit ever!!