Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Milestones


My results this week are mixed.  It was disappointing to get on the scale and see that I gained one pound.  However, I’m fairly certain that it’s due to water weight.  Although I stayed within my calorie requirements for the week, I ate a lot of sodium (soy sauce, popcorn, rice cakes, etc.). 

I felt a lot better when my new scale told me that I had gained some muscle mass and had a lower body fat percentage.  My suspicion about water retention was confirmed when I saw my body water weight was higher, too.  That’s why I love this scale.  What other piece of equipment could make a woman feel BETTER when she gains a pound?  (By the way – it’s on sale again on Amazon this week…marked down from $49.99 to $17.58 and eligible for free shipping!)

Tomorrow, Grace and I are accompanying Todd to San Antonio for a few days of rest and relaxation while he attends a professional conference.  We don’t have any big plans other than the hotel pool, walking around the downtown River Walk, and some good Tex-Mex food!  For meals, I’ll carry my protein shakes and a couple of HMR entrees, but we’ll probably eat out at least once every day.  I won’t have a car during the days, so I was particularly excited to discover that our hotel is next door to a Pei Wei Asian Diner, a movie theater, and a big shopping center! 

So, my goals this week are to:

  1. Fit in as many workouts as possible around my travel schedule.
  2. Stay within my daily calorie requirements while eating in restaurants.
  3. Enjoy a mini-vacation with my family!

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Larry said...

I think the Harris Fast plan of analyzing weight variance in 4 week increments is a good thing, as week to week you can really vary. You look absolutely fabulous. I am going to buy the scale. We have wanted to buy a good one and that sale looks too good to resist. Have a great trip.