Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Livin’ In High Cotton

I have been in many hotel rooms in my life for one reason or another…professional conferences, youth camps, vacations, band trips, road trips.  I must say that this hotel in San Antonio tops most of the ones I’ve seen.  Which isn’t saying a lot, but still…

You have to understand that the last hotel I reserved in San Antonio for a mini-vacation with my parents included a greeting committee of roach carcasses in the kitchenette.  I still have nightmares of bedbugs, and the local convenient businesses included drug dealers and other questionable services.  I will refrain from naming this establishment, but it is a compound word that rhymes with “Gravel-Podge.” 

Your welcome.

Anyway, I stumbled upon our current hotel on Priceline due to it’s rave customer reviews.  It was half the price of the downtown hotels, and…hello…it was within walking distance of Starbucks and Steinmart!  Imagine our squeals of delight when we walked into our room and discovered:

  • a separate bedroom area for Grace with a queen-sized sofa bed
  • a nice office space for Todd
  • a kitchen/eating area
  • a large flat screen TV
  • plush bedding
  • a closet with REAL hangers (not the kind that don’t come off the rod)
  • a complementary membership to Bally’s Total Fitness during our stay
  • a wet bar
  • a darling assortment of travel items including Biore make-up remover towelettes
  • tasteful decorating with solid wood furniture

Todd took one look around and said, “We’re staying here from now on in San Antonio.”  The room was so spacious and comfortable.  Much better than any of those fancy Riverwalk hotels that I’ve stayed in by the convention center.

We also knew it was a happenin’ place when we were invited to become a Facebook fan when we checked in.  Oh, yes, we did.  I even left a wall post.

Grace slept like a log last night…she’s still sleeping as I type…and when she wakes up we’ll go downstairs and check out the hot continental breakfast.  (Apparently, “hot” is an important word in the phrase because according to Todd it alludes to bacon). 

Todd has already left for his professional conference, and Grace and I have big plans to sleep, eat, swim, and shop.  Sounds perfect, eh?

Anyway, I’m giving a big shout out to my new BFF’s at the Comfort Suites Stone Oak.  Thanks for giving us more than our money’s worth!


Kim H. said...

Wow!! That does sound like a great hotel...I love it when they take the time to include the little things that make the stay better. :-)

Jennifer said...

It sounds like a wonderful place! Mike and I loved San Antonio when we visited there for our anniversary last year. The riverwalk is beautiful! It is a nice cool retreat in a very hot time of the year.