Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Out With The Old, Part II

Helping my mom clean out her closets last week inspired me to do the same in my own home.  It wasn’t nearly as much fun doing it alone… Mom and I had so much fun laughing about what we actually thought was flattering in the 80’s.  (Hello shoulder pads!) 

I cleaned out my closets a while back when we first put our house on the market.  This week I’m mainly getting rid of anything I haven’t worn or used since then.  And I’m donating the clothes that don’t fit anymore and can’t be altered.  I’m determined to NOT need them again!

Now I have six garbage bags full of neatly folded clothes and linens, as well as a few baby and maternity items I’m giving to a friend.  I went through all my sewing and cross-stitch supplies, reorganizing and condensing into large plastic bins.  Once I cleaned out my foyer closet, I had room to put all my sewing supplies in it to be within easy reach, and the closet still looks almost empty!  All the floors of my closets are empty, and everything looks nice and roomy.

We signed a contract with a new realtor last weekend, and he’s coming to take new pictures in a couple of days.  I still need to pull some weeds, touch up some paint, and clean a couple of spots on the carpet.  But the house looks nice, and hopefully this new realtor will help us find someone who will love it and want it for their family!


Anonymous said...

in preparation for putting our house on the market in the spring (we hope), i've just made a list of big-time cleaning to be done! i figure if i can make some progress now it won't be so painful then. hope the new realtor works out for you!

Kim H. said...

I'll be praying that the house sells quickly :-)