Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Milestones


I ate a little bit differently this week but I managed to stay on track.  Since we were away at the beach for four days, I wasn’t able to cook for myself and had to make choices at restaurants, etc.  I took a few HMR meals and continued to drink my shakes every day, and that seemed to help.  When we ate out, I ordered grilled chicken and steamed veggies.  I even splurged one afternoon and drank a real Coke float! 

This week I lost two pounds, which brings my total to 51 pounds in 20 weeks.  The number on the scale was definitely a milestone for me this week, and it’s nice to see myself getting closer to my ultimate goal. 

Mom and I have been exercising together every chance we get.  Our routine is to get up in the morning and walk briskly outside for 45 minutes.  We walk through the square of their little downtown area and look in the shop windows.  The old houses and scenery are beautiful, so the walk goes by quickly.  I’ve just forgotten how hot and humid it gets down here in south Louisiana…even in the morning!  I much prefer the dry Texas heat.  After walking, we go inside, cool down a little, then do The Shred with Jillian.  We’ve been switching back and forth between Level 1/2. 

I ordered a new scale on Amazon last night for an amazing price.  It’s a Taylor Body Fat Scale…regularly $49.99, on special this week for $18.90.    The reviews look pretty good and I’m looking forward to tracking more than just my weight.  It measures body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, hydration level, and weight.

Mom and I have really enjoyed cooking together this week, and we have eaten some amazing food.  Mom received a new cookbook as a gift that I ADORE by Ellie Krieger called The Food You Crave:  Luscious Recipes For A Healthy Life.  We made the Crispy Garlic Fries one night to go with Salmon patties.  We also made the Turkey Meatballs with Whole Wheat Spaghetti.  Her De-Light-Ful Ranch Dressing is pretty good, too.  This is an excellent cookbook with amazing recipes and practical tips for eating well. 

It’s unbelievable (and exciting) to me that I can eat delicious food and continue to lose weight. 


Audra said...

Okay, I said I wouldn't comment on blogs anymore last week but I have to this week. I am so glad you did so good last week! I came home worried that I had gotten you totally off track. I felt bad from keeping you from exercising at night but I really, REALLY loved staying up late and talking about kids, life, and Christ. It was awesome! I came home telling Josh that I'm make a trip to Texas. Loved our time together and love you and Grace!!!!

Joanna J. said...

Me, too, Audra! Road trip to Texas! I love visiting with you and watching our kids play together. Believe me, I'd choose spending time with you over the treadmill ANY day!

Robin said...

Joanna - you look marvelous! (Saw the photos from your trip to Orange Beach!)I am so jealous of you, and so PROUD of you! You have done an awesome job - and I know the hard work you've put in to this for sure - I can't wait until about November-ish? to figure out what the Shred is and to do it, too! You'll have to help me get started to get my body back in shape post Baby Roberts! Fred and Deb look great, too! I haven't done much to our blog lately - I'll let you know when I do! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Yeah-- Ellie Krieger has been Jaimie's girl for A LONG time!! And Jaim knows more about healthy and good food than anyone around! Congratulations on your milestone.

Joanna J. said...

There's nothing more beautiful than a preggo mommy! Just enjoy it...there's plenty of time for performing senseless torture on your body (i.e. The Shred) much later!

Joanna J. said...

I just found out that Jaimie gave mom that book as a gift! What a perfect present!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy and proud of you! You have done so very well! I am glad you both have had fun, but boy have I missed you and can't wait til you get home!!joy