Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Milestones


This week has been a little hard, but I guess I’m still truckin’ along.  It hasn’t been easy to avoid the gas station snacks, fast food french fries, or cappuccino machines while we’ve been traveling.  To help with the temptation, I stocked up with plenty of fruit and rice cakes for the car and I’ve upped my intake of HMR protein shakes to keep me full and satisfied. 

I managed to get workouts in whenever I could, mainly the first part of the week before we left home. 

I lost one pound this week, and that brings my total to 53 pounds in 22 weeks.  I was also pleased to see my body fat percentage go down a bit and my muscle mass go up a bit.  Thanks, Jillian! 

There have been so many friends and family who have started doing The Shred after seeing how it has helped me, and that makes me so happy to know that others can literally feel my pain!  I never thought that in a MILLION years I would be a person who could inspire others to exercise.  For me personally, I feel that staying consistent with workouts has been the biggest influence on my weight loss.  It even influences me to stay on my eating plan because I don’t want all the sweat and pain to be annulled by eating butter and bacon.  (I feel like such a traitor to my Southern roots…).  Once I start trying to maintain my weight instead of losing, perhaps I’ll get reacquainted with some of my Paula Deen recipes on occasion! 

We’ve got lots of walking/outdoor activities planned for the week…Dollywood Splash Country on Monday, Dollywood on Wednesday, Turkey Creek shopping center on Friday, and walks around Cherokee Lake every morning.  The weather here is predicted to be gorgeous this week…mid-80’s for the high!

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Kim H. said...

Take advantage of those hills in that part of the country - great for some serious walking! :-) You should take the kids on the sky trolley thing up to the bear sanctuary - we loved it... if you drive deep into Gaitlinburg - you can't miss it - it goes over the main road the place you get on is to the right but you ride over the street and up the mountain.