Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Apparently math skills are not a pre-requisite for this job…

Today I went to Albertson’s grocery store to pick up a few items.  My total was $13.41.  I always like to get rid of change if possible (especially pennies), but I didn’t have the exact .41, so I gave the cashier $20.01. 

She took my money, then held up the penny and asked, “Did you mean to give me this?”  I said, “Yes, I like to get rid of my pennies.”  She continued to hold the penny with a puzzled look on her face, examined the total price again, then looked back at me.  I felt further explanation was needed, so I smiled and said, “I would rather get back $6.60 than $6.59.”  She shrugged her shoulders and punched $20.01 into the cash register.  When the amount of change was displayed on the register, she had an “Ah-ha!” moment.  “Oh, that’s so cool!” she exclaimed, happily giving me my change. 

Yes, it’s “cool” to be able to add and subtract.


Marnie C said...

I often do the same thing with the same reaction. Thanks for sharing - this makes me laugh!

Kim H. said...

Wow... it's sad what has happened to the people in the work world. :-) I'm not a math maniac either, but I would have understood THAT!