Wednesday, June 3, 2009

30-Day Shred – Day 30

30 day shred

I made it!  I’m officially a Shredhead!  The past several weeks have started to convert me into a person that (somewhat) enjoys exercise.  Actually, I enjoy what exercise does for me.  I still hate to sweat, but I’ve learned that it’s worth it!  

Anyway, on to the results.  I’m notating my body measurement changes over the past 30 days.  I’m not publishing my real measurements for two reasons:

  1. I’m not that brave.
  2. Since each woman is so different, I’m not sure it’s wise to compare yourself to my measurements, but I think it’s worth sharing my changes over the past 30 days to show that The Shred WORKS!

Body Part


Necklost 1 1/2 inches
Left biceplost 1 inch
Right biceplost 1 inch
Chestlost 2 1/2 inches
Rib cagelost 1 1/2 inches
Waistlost 1 1/2 inches
Hipslost 2 inches
Left thighlost 1 inch
Right thighlost 1 inch
WEIGHTlost 8 pounds
In summary, over the past 30 days of doing The Shred and treadmill work (I worked out 27/30 days), I lost 8 pounds, 13 inches, and 1 dress size.  Although I’ve shredded inches all over, the most dramatic change has taken place in my upper body around my neck and chest. 
I totally recommend Jillian’s workout.  I hope to eventually build up my endurance to the point that I can work Level 3 into the rotation.  Ideally, I would like to do The Shred 3-4 days a week, at least once on each level. 
*Note:  Jillian is CRAZY, so if you have knee problems, or any other physical reason why you are not able to jump or bounce, you will not be able to do any of the three levels in their entirety.  As the levels progress, so does the amount of jumping and stress on the joints.  Of course, many of these exercises can be modified, but much of the fat-burning potential will be lost.
Overall, I’m so glad I did this!  And although I probably won’t continue to do it EVERY day, I really want to maintain this new muscle.  It will help my body burn calories more efficiently and lose inches faster. 
Thanks for following me on this journey, and I’ll continue to update my progress maintaining my workout routine on my weekly Monday Milestones posts.  I sure have appreciated the encouragement and support I’ve gotten from my family, friends, and blogosphere!


Mimi said...

I am sooo proud of you!!

jennifer said...

that is great! so proud!!