Monday, June 1, 2009

30-Day Shred – Day 27

I did my 45-minute treadmill work this morning, then put off The Shred because I was actually dreading it for some reason.  Maybe the lunges?  Anyway, when Grace went down for a nap I knew it was then or never, so I rolled out my exercise mat and grabbed my hand weights. 

I decided to do Level 2 today and I even managed to add in a few “Natalie” moves.  Probably because my mom informed me this morning that she was following Natalie, and the competitive side of me decided that I couldn’t be outdone by my own mom, although I wish her all the success in the world!  She also informed me that she was RUNNING, which almost made me choke on my morning coffee.  Before this, I thought the only thing that could make my mom run was a cockroach sighting, but apparently Jillian has the same effect! 


Mimi said...

And you forgot to mention that I'm using 5 lb. weights! But... remember I'm doing Level 1 :). I'd rather do the hardest level in Level 1 than attempt Level 2 again! I'll leave that one to you, Audra, and Jaimie!

Kim H. said...

Hysterical... I can totally relate - I'd be pushed a little harder too if it were my Mom. :-)