Friday, June 19, 2009

Home again!

Grace and I had a (thankfully) uneventful trip back home today to Texas.  She did pretty well on our 9-hour road trip watching movies, reading her books, and playing with dolls.  The “Bear Necessities” song from Jungle Book is hopelessly stuck in my head…I can’t stop singing it after hearing it, oh, 37 times today in the car.

When we got home, Todd had cleaned house and lit candles to make everything really nice.  He even had dinner for us!  That all scored major points.  I thought that I would be up late cleaning house since we have a new realtor coming to visit in the morning, but instead I took my time unpacking and relaxing.

I get to spend one week at home before packing up and heading off to Tennessee to visit Todd’s family!  We’ll really be putting the miles on our car (and portable DVD player).  For me, road trips mean endless Disney movies, answering “How much longer?” questions, dirty McDonald’s bathrooms, Tigermart cappuccinos, and crossword puzzles.  Good times.  I really enjoy arriving at my destinations, but I don’t particularly enjoy the journey.  Impatience, I guess!

We had a bit of a crisis at bedtime tonight.  Lambie was nowhere to be found.  In a brief moment of panic, I thought maybe we had left her in Louisiana, but Grace assured me Lambie was in the house.  After we divided and conquered the house, grid-by-grid style, Lambie was still MIA.  I ended up putting Grace to bed, who tearfully prayed that God would help us find Lambie and protect her while she was alone.  Todd kept looking and eventually found Grace’s cuddly companion under our bed.  Grace was still awake, so Todd was the hero when he proudly delivered Lambie back to her arms.  Thankfully we can all sleep tonight knowing Lambie is safe.  (Question to parents with older kids:  When will the “Lambie” obsession end?)

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


Anonymous said...

re: lambie!

my oldest is the most "attached" to his lovey/security item. however, since about age 4, he does totally fine sleeping without it for a while if it's missing, but if we know where it is, he definitely wants it.

glad you had such a nice trip...and how great to come home to a clean house and dinner!

Mrs. Sprinkles said...

Bradford has been gradually letting go of Puppy. He sat on the train table in the playroom for a few nights before Bradford realized he was missing and asked for him again.

Kim H. said...

Glad that the trip home went well... man - you're in for a MUCH longer trip this next time... I hope that at least you will plan some small stops and breaks along the way. :-)

Glad that you found Lambie... whew!