Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Milestones


I didn’t exercise as much this week because Mom and I always seemed to have plans first thing in the morning and we didn’t want to get up extra-early!  If memory serves me correctly, I think we only did our walk/Shred routine twice.  Then I hit it pretty hard on my own Saturday after I returned home.  I ate pretty well, with the exception of the day I drove home.  There’s something about a long road trip that makes me want to eat junk…I was having a hard time staying awake, which was the perfect excuse to eat all of my snacks plus some of Grace’s Ritz Bitz S’mores (, then stop for huge gas station cappuccinos every couple of hours.  Anyway, it was pretty depressing when I got home and added up my calories for the day…hence the tough workout on Saturday morning.

Overall, I lost a pound, which brings my total to 52 pounds in 21 weeks.  I’m hitting the treadmill and The Shred pretty hard over the next four days before we leave for another road trip on Friday. 

My new scale was waiting for me when I returned home, and I love it!  It seems to be pretty consistent.  I love all the different measurements it gives me (body fat, muscle mass, bone mass, and water hydration level).  If there was anything negative to say about it, I guess there are a couple of things.  First, your feet must be damp to get the best measurements.  The scale miraculously computes all those figures by sending electrical currents through your body (you don’t feel it!), and damp feet help conduct the currents more accurately.  So, I have to stick my feet under the faucet, then wipe my footprints after weighing.  Second, the scale doesn’t store your measurements and it doesn’t display them on the scale very long before automatically turning off.  I guess they made it this way to conserve battery life, but it’s definitely an exercise in my memory skills to record my data every day.  However, the benefits FAR outweigh these two inconveniences, especially considering I paid less than $20 for this $60 scale. 

My goals this week are to exercise as much as possible and eat as well as possible before I leave again on Friday.  Hopefully I won’t offend anyone, but I’m going to plan ahead and stick to my diet while staying with different family members.  Surely they’ll understand.


Anonymous said...

ritz bitz s'mores are the sole reason i gained so much weight my first pregnancy. i had a desk job, and there was ALWAYS a box of them in my bottom drawer. not. good. i had to wean myself after that pregnancy and i haven't touched them since. :) i have no willpower!

Kim H. said...

I think you did amazing for being on the road and still managing to lose a pound. Cut yourself some slack on the snacks... because you got home and went back to your routine! I'd totally pat you on the back for that one!!