Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday Milestones


I’m starting to think I should call this series “Tuesday Trackings” since this is my third time to not post on Monday!  My life has been crazy-busy the past couple of weeks, and I haven’t had much time to focus on my weight loss.  Thankfully, God has helped me sustain without gaining any weight back, but I am still stuck for the moment. 

I did manage three workouts this week, but I did not have the time or energy to cook separate low-cal/low-fat meals for myself.  I should have had extra HMR meals stockpiled for myself, but I finished them off and ran out.  (Another order is on the way!)

Anyway, life is getting back to normal (for now), so my goal is to get back into my routine of eating and exercising regularly. 

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Mimi said...

I'm sorry you're at a standstill...I know how disappointing it is. But, I'm glad you're not in my shoes this week. I walked, ran, lifted weights, and did Jillian every day, then watched my diet like a hawk....and gained 2 lbs. this week! Go figure. Oh well...maybe next week. :)