Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monday Milestones


I’ve been dreading writing this post…in case you can’t tell considering it’s Tuesday!  Frankly, I’ve lost my focus the past couple of weeks.  I’ve eaten well (mostly), but I’ve only worked out once or twice a week. 

But as I sit here watching my DVR’d recording of The Biggest Loser, I’m realizing that nobody is going to push me on that treadmill but myself.  Unless you count Jillian’s voice, which I hear shouting in my head sometimes.  So, I’m throwing away all the excuses I used this week in the trash (too busy, too tired, sore toe, sore back, etc.) and getting my groove back on. 

My whole purpose in blogging my journey is for the accountability it provides me.  So feel free to pray, cheer, question, and/or send some encouragement my way…I need the motivation.

Sadly, the ticker is staying put another week.


Anonymous said...

you can do it, girl! i'm going to use my frustration with tracey STILL being on the show to motivate me tomorrow!

Mimi said...

But you maintained--no weight gain! Aren't we glad we don't have a "Tracey" torpedoing our efforts? You'll do great this week!