Friday, October 30, 2009

Belle Dress


Our sweet friend Claire asked me to help her get together a Belle dress to wear to her costumed bridal shower this weekend, and I was so excited to help!  I managed to find some pretty yellow satin at the fabric store that had a small stain the size of a dime.  The girl who cut the fabric offered to mark it down and call it “damaged”, so it was dirt cheap!  The rest of the supplies (zipper, laces, tulle, buttons, etc.) I had on hand.

To design the dress, I tried my best to copy Grace’s Belle costume from a couple of years ago.  It worked out pretty well without a pattern.  I kept it really simple and didn’t line the dress or finish the inside seams…so it was fairly easy and not stressful! 

Doesn’t Claire look just like Belle?  I told her she could work at Disneyworld!  Grace wanted to wear her Belle dress, too, for the picture!


Anonymous said...

you are amazing! I cannot believe you did that beautiful dress without even a pattern. i am sure i could not do that WITH a pattern. how can i ever thank you enough for the many blessings you bestow on our family. we love you so much!,jt

Kim H. said...

You are simply amazing! Great job!