Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How To Go On A Date, Get Exercise, And Wear Out Your Daughter At The Same Time

Step One:  Go to Wal-Mart and buy a pink tennis racket.


Step Two:  Go to the tennis court and let your child hit the ball around for a while.


Step Three:  Tell your child that it’s time for mommy and daddy to play tennis, and her job is to be the “ball girl”. 

Step Four:  Enjoy playing tennis with your spouse while watching your daughter run to get every stray ball that you miss or over-hit.

Step Five:  Hit a few extra balls out on purpose that she must run far to catch.

Step Six:  Repeat steps four and five over and over and over.

Step Seven:  Take home an exhausted daughter and watch her literally collapse into bed for an early bedtime.

Step Eight:  Enjoy a quiet evening with your spouse.


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Mimi said...

Way to go!! That's my girl!!

Kim H. said...

Awesome... great idea!