Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Milestones


I only lost about 1/2 pound this week…not enough to move my weight loss ticker.  So I’m holding steady at 63 pounds lost since February.  I’ll admit I’m a little discouraged because I’m not losing as fast as I was in the beginning, but I know it’s healthy to lose slowly.  I’m just impatient! 

I’ve actually been contemplating a new 30-day Shred challenge, but my body hurts just thinking about it.  I manage to get in 2-3 Shreds per week, but doing it every day would speed things up a bit.  I’ve got lots of activities planned and we’re welcoming family and friends into our home for visits the next couple of weeks, but maybe I’ll do another challenge during the month of October. 

Unless Todd talks me out of it because he doesn’t want to live with a whiny, achy woman for a whole month.  Maybe if I promise him I’ll just take it out on my blog….

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Kim H. said...

Life often gets in the way - so just do what you can and be consistent... I think your treadmill workouts were your best bet - so fill up that DVR and get to walking :-)