Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Milestones

runner This was a good week.  I ate really well and lost one pound.  I only worked out twice, so that definitely needs improving, but overall I’m satisfied.

This brings my total to 63 pounds.  I’m excited to move my ticker a little this week! 

We have a fun and relaxing day planned for the holiday.  Todd is off from work and it is my parent’s last day in our home for dad’s sabbatical break.  We’re just hanging out and spending time together.  Todd is going to rent Enchanted, a Disney movie that looks cute and is rated pretty well.  The preview is hilarious, so I’m looking forward to seeing it!

We’re also planning a yummy lunch of garlic shrimp, grilled corn, lemon broccoli, and sponge cake with berries for dessert. 

My goal this week is to bump up the exercise to at least four workouts.  I'm also trying to expand my eating habits to include more seafood.  I've never been a big fan other than the occasional tuna salad.  However, shrimp is practically a perfect protein and VERY low in calories, so I got a big bag and I'm going to experiment with learning how to cook them.  Todd will be happy because he loves shrimp! 

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Kim H. said...

I hope you'll share any good shrimp recipes... I too haven't ever been a big fan, but am trying to add in a little more variety.

Your lunch menu from yesterday sounds wonderful... :-) I hope you guys had a fantastic day!