Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fun Day

It’s still too wet to play outside, so we headed to the mall playground this morning to run off some energy. 

001In case anyone notices…they are wearing the same clothes as yesterday!  The Princess Aurora and Lightening McQueen t-shirts were a huge hit, so we did a load of laundry and let the kids wear them again today. 

They love to pose for the camera, so here’s my favorite Brad pose:

006Here’s my favorite Grace pose:

007Anne wasn’t as enthused about posing and just wanted to play:

004After playing for a while, we ate lunch in the food court.  They chose Sonic!  I bought three kids meals and two large drinks while Mom bought our food at Chick-Fil-A. 

009After eating, we threw some pennies in the fountain.  Thankfully, our Sonic toys narrowly missed an untimely demise in the water.

010When we got home, Anne went down for a nap.  I had promised Brad that we would decorate cupcakes, so I grabbed some frozen cupcakes and frosting from the freezer and we went to work.

013Every cupcake (and kitchen floor) needs sprinkles. 

014  They enjoyed their handiwork.  Good times!



Kim H. said...

Man! That does look like a fun day... can I come stay at your "camp" too?

Nicole's Mom said...

Joanna, the kids look like they had a fantastic time while staying with you. Thank you so much for taking care of them so Nicole and Doug could travel to NY. I'm glad they have you near them.