Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday – Creative Exercise Ideas


I’m on a fitness journey, and I’m always looking for new and easy ways to get some exercise.  I used to be a member of a local YMCA gym, but budget and time constraints resulted in me cancelling my membership several months ago.  I have a great treadmill at home, so it’s easy to get in some good cardio, but I miss the weight machines tremendously. 

I started looking around my house trying to figure out what I could use as free weights.  Canned food items in the pantry work well for arm curls and lifts.  For an extra challenge, I dug out some reserved gallons of water from my garage. 

Then I realized…I have a 33-pound 4-yr-old!  So yesterday after my treadmill session, I shamelessly used her as my resistance training.  I lifted her like a barbell.  I flew her back and forth like Superman.  She sat on my ankles for leg lifts.  She laid on my back while I attempted push-ups.  She was beyond delighted as we “played” for about 30 minutes.

And this morning it even hurts to type.  Seriously, I don’t remember being this sore after the first time I used weight-lifting machines.  It’s a great way to work my muscles and be a mommy at the same time, and that works for me!

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