Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu


It has been fascinating to see and read the mania surrounding the Swine Flu (almost) pandemic.  The Fort Worth ISD has closed all schools until at least May 8th to prevent the spread of this disease.  Day cares, church schools, charter schools, and private schools are closing all over the metroplex.  Parents are trying to figure out what to do with their kids so they can go to work.  (I’m not answering my phone).  Doctor’s offices, emergency rooms, and minor emergency clinics are busting at the seams with people wanting to be tested for the swine flu.

I’ll admit that I woke up this morning with an intense desire to run to the grocery store and buy an unreasonable amount of pantry staples, medical supplies, and Lysol.  Then I realized that Grace and I would have to touch a shopping cart.  Ewww…I guess that’s why they invented Purell. 

Politicians are even (*gasp*) talking about closing the Mexican border!  It’s amazing that ONE confirmed swine flu death has the power to do this, especially when compared to decades of tolerating the influx of Mexican drugs, criminals, and illegal immigrants who drain our educational and health care resources. 

Disclaimer:  Before I get a bunch of e-mails decrying my hatred of Mexicans, I want to assure my readers that I welcome Mexicans (or any other nationalities) who wish to honestly and legally follow the correct procedure to immigrate to the United States and become tax-paying citizens.  This is the historical foundation of our country.  I just have a problem with the lack of importance (even from conservatives) that our politicians have placed on protecting our citizens from the above mentioned negative results of a relaxed border.

My friend Larry wrote a hilarious post entitled “Mexico:  The Gift That Keeps On Giving.”  You can click over and read it, but here’s my favorite quote:

“Rumor is Congress is voting to call it [Swine Flu] the George Bush Flu, under the reasoning that everything else bad in the world is the fault of George Bush, so this must be also. The bill has stalled, however, as all the Democratic Congressmen are adding so many pork laden riders to the bill it resembles a bucket of slop.”



Kim H. said...

Now THAT is funny! :-) I completely agree with your assessment of needing to immigrate in the proper way - those people are wonderful people... it's the leeches that are sucking everything dry that get me ready to fight!

Anonymous said...

oh, how i love this post (and that quote from your friend...hilarious!). agree 100% about immigration. i get all fired up about it!

the lewisi female said...

Obama actually gave Bush some credit this week... (gasp)... saying that it was thanks to him we had such a great stock of medical supplies like Tamiflu ready to go in a crisis... way to go George!