Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Making a Treat for Daddy

This afternoon we read the Golden book “We Help Mommy.”  This is my all-time favorite book from my childhood, and Grace loves it too.  In the story, the little girl bakes a pie for her daddy as a treat.  Of course, Grace asked if we could make a treat for daddy, too? 

I recently ran across an egg-less, butter-less, milk-less cake recipe that I wanted to try, so I thought we would bake some cupcakes and ice them together.  Grace got really excited and ran to the pantry exclaiming, “I’ll get my apron!”  I got tickled because my favorite line from the movie Bolt is the hamster gleefully exclaiming, “I’ll get my ball!” 


Grace tasted so much icing that I’m amazed there was any left for the cupcakes!  She finally figured out that the most efficient way to eat icing was the direct approach.


Don’t worry…I didn’t cheat on my diet.  Cupcakes are not a temptation for me, as I am not a big cake-lover.  (If we had been baking chocolate peanut-butter chip cookies, however, that would be a different story.)  Grace was very proud of our decorated cupcakes and told me, “Daddy’s gonna be like…wow!…I loooove them!”


I can’t imagine why she, like, talks that way!



Anonymous said...

"roll, pat, roll, pat, we're making a treat for daddy!"

i, too, loved that book and can recall most of it from memory. i got a copy for our house when my oldest was about a year old.

love that she has cake crumbs on her lips in the cute self-portrait of you two!

Joanna J. said...

I love that you know "We Help Mommy"! A true classic. We also sing the clean-up song that is in that book when we put away the toys.

Kim H. said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm sure he loved them.