Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Milestones


This was a hard week.  I ran out of HMR food and shakes, and my food delivery has (possibly) been lost.  Every two weeks I place an order, and it usually takes about 4 business days to be delivered to my door.  I placed my last order on April 13th, and I’m still waiting.  My credit card was charged through PayPal.  I tried to call the customer service phone number for the independent company that distributes the food for HMR, but the number is “no longer in service.”  Hmmmm.  The only other way to contact the company is via e-mail, and I sent one stating that I have not received my purchase.  No response yet. 

So, what I ate this week was up to me.  I don’t mind fixing my own food…I actually enjoy it.  However, I really missed the shakes.  They are totally worth the money.  They are delicious, provide excellent nutrition, and are completely satisfying.  I basically stayed hungry most of the week since I wasn’t drinking the shakes.

However, I still managed to lose three pounds.  It was quite surprising when I got on the scale.  (I guess my competitive nature won…I was DETERMINED to not gain weight without my HMR food.)  I met my exercise goal and drank plenty of water, so that was a big part of it.  My total is now 37 pounds in 13 weeks. 

My monthly check-up went well and my blood pressure reading was 126/70.  The nurse practitioner was very encouraging and told me to keep going.  She also warned me to not become discouraged if my weight loss slows a little this month…it’s bound to happen, and I should keep my eyes on the big picture, remembering that this is truly a lifestyle change and not just a temporary diet.  It’s really nice to see myself slowly moving down the BMI chart.

I’m not sure when I’m going to get more HMR food/shakes.  If I don’t hear from the company by the end of the business day today, I will request a reimbursement from PayPal and purchase food/shakes from a different distributor. 

My goal this week is to stay consistent with low-fat/low-calorie food and exercise.  I’ve given up on the “cutting back on caffeine” goal for the moment.  Morning coffee and Sonic Happy Hour took a front seat this past week.  One challenge at a time…


Kim H. said...

Hey - I'm a firm believer in Sonic Happy Hour... I get their unsweet tea and nurse it for a long time... then crunch on the ice.

If you don't get the resolution you want from HMR... have you looked into Medifast? I used to do their program, and it wasn't bad. Just an idea.

the lewisi female said...

I have the perfect solution for you.... go over to my parents house and give them Grace and then sneak in the kitchen and take a shake mix! My mom gave me one last time I was there... they are stocked for YEARS with that stuff!! I seriously KNOW she would GIVE you a whole canister if you just asked... no need to suffer!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE call Larry and go get some food!!! I have over a dozen cans of shake and 4 weeks worth of extra food! Take anything you want! joy
see you soon!