Saturday, April 25, 2009

Love Those Clearance Racks

Last night, after Todd got home from work, we went to the local mall for some family time.  Todd walked around with Grace and took her to the mall playground while I went to Gymboree to spend a gift certificate.  I found a beautiful smocked Sunday dress (originally $49.00) on sale for $7.99.  I also found some cute summer shirts for $4-6 each.  If you’ve ever been to Gymboree, this is CHEAP.  I was able to get several items of clothing (including matching hair accessories) with Grace’s gift certificate.

I was headed down to meet Todd at the playground area when I walked past The Children’s Place.  I was actually going to practice some restraint and keep walking when I heard an employee call out to me that all clearance rack items were an additional 50% until closing that night.  Holy cow.  I suddenly remembered a 15% off my total purchase coupon I had received in the mail that I had thrown in my purse several days ago.  Needless to say, I veered into the store and went straight to the back to my beloved clearance racks.  It looked like a feeding frenzy with lots of moms and strollers trying to maneuver through the racks, but I managed to find the following items:

  • Sunday dress - $4.99             ($4.24 with coupon)
  • Casual cotton skirt - $2.99    ($2.54 with coupon)
  • Khaki shorts - $3.99              ($3.39 with coupon)
  • White shorts - $3.99             ($3.39 with coupon)
  • Purple shirt - $1.99               ($1.69 with coupon)
  • Turquoise shirt - $1.99          ($1.69 with coupon)

There were so many other deals that I could have snatched up, but I reasoned that she really didn’t NEED them, even though they were cheap.  Now Grace is set for summer/fall!

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Kim H. said...

That is so fun! I love it when I find good sales and deals at the mall... it doesn't happen for me often, so it's extra exciting when it does!