Thursday, April 16, 2009

“Polar bear poop. Got it.”


Hurley had a plethora (bonus points if you know what classic comedy movie overuses that word) of one-liners tonight.  My favorite?  To Miles:  “Maybe he’ll let you hold baby you…”  And how funny was it that Hurley was writing the script to The Empire Strikes Back “with a couple of improvements?”

We learned that Miles has a gift to communicate with dead people.  Something he and Hurley have in common!  I enjoyed seeing their friendship develop in the Dharma van.  It was also interesting to see Naomi working to recruit Miles to go to the island.  And the guy that kidnapped Miles in the van was on the second plane that crashed. 

Roger is a mean drunk and unpredictable.  Sawyer has a seen-too-much security co-worker that is now his prisoner.  Kate can’t keep her mouth shut.  Jack is acting suspiciously submissive.   All this adds up to things spiraling out of control for poor Sawyer.  And I’m assuming that he doesn’t know about Horace’s "package-delivering” activities? 

I had already figured that Dr. Chang was Miles’s father, so that wasn’t a huge surprise.  We are presented with yet another messed-up parent-child relationship.  I predict that Miles will “communicate” with his deceased father and gain resolution that his father did love him.  Of course, he will need to travel forward in time and avoid Ben’s massacre in order to do this. 

Did you notice that the chalkboard Jack erased showed that the Dharma kids were learning about Egypt? 

And I’m dying to know what kind of experiments are being done with polar bear poop. 

My DVR cut off on the last couple of minutes, so the last thing I saw was Miles looking in the window, watching his dad hold him as a baby.  Any enlightenment would be great!  I heard something about Farraday appearing?  If so, it’s about time!

Overall, I didn’t love this episode, but that’s probably because I finally watched last week’s episode earlier this evening.  Uh. Maze. Ing. 


~*Michelle*~ said...

Oh I loved this episode.....huge Miles/Hurley fan!

I too caught that Egyptian stuff on the board.......very cool.

I hadn't thought about Miles communicating with his dad though (after the purge and finding the bodies).....good call!

My recap is up


Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Faraday totally reappeared -- Pierre comes out of the house, asks big-Miles to help him with something, and they go to meet the submarine together... Faraday emerges. :)

It does seem like things are kind of spiraling for Sawyer, doesn't it? What does he plan to do, keep that dude in his closet?

And I enjoyed this episode a lot, but after all the tension and suspense of last week it definitely felt slower... And now a whole extra week before anything new... GRRR!

My biggest questions have to do with Ilana and the Shadow-of-the-Statue ppl... who do you think sent them now that it looks like Widmore didn't? And what do you think is in the shadow of that dang statue??

Diane said...

Chang got a phone call and came out of his house. Miles turned and started to leave (with tears in his eyes), but Chang said "Miles, I need you." Miles' "You do?" reply was just heartbreaking - the actor did a great job of showing all the different layers of meaning that had for Miles at that moment.

Chang had Miles drive him down to the dock to pick up new arrivals from "Ann Arbor" - scientists, and, one is lead to assume, some of the high mucky-mucks in Dharma. One of the first persons Miles see get off the sub is Daniel.