Monday, April 27, 2009



I had to post this picture because it is so stinkin’ cute!  Grace’s friend has been helping her put on her jewelry and fix her hair for over an hour now.  He knows all about this because he has two older sisters! 

They play so sweetly together.  He is ALL BOY, but is also very tender and gentle with Grace. 

I just heard this conversation from the living room:

Caleb:  “OK, you need to wear this necklace now.”

Grace:  “Well, I like this one."

Caleb:  “No, that one doesn’t match!  The jewelry has to match your clothes.”

Grace:  “Okay.  You can put it over my head.”

Caleb:  “Don’t you just love it?!”

Grace:  “It’s perfect!  I LOVE it!”

This age is so much fun…….

Update:  They are now pretending to be super heroes while using their super bracelet powers to fight the “bad guys.”

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Kim H. said...

How funny - kids are so creative... I wish that wasn't lost with age!