Saturday, December 20, 2008

We Made It!

Well, we arrived safely on our 9-hour trip to my parents home! A little later than we planned, but all in one piece. How thankful we are that God protected us from all the crazy drivers we encountered. The roads were packed and everyone was in a hurry.  Are blinkers going out of style?  It seems like people just don't use them anymore....

Grace was so excited to see Mimi and Granddaddy today. She ran around all evening, playing with all the toys and books. Of course, the highlight of the night was Grace exclaiming "Come get me!" and trying to outrun Granddaddy as he chased her around the house. She went to bed a happy girl. Her bedtime prayer was:

"Dear God. God bless Mommy and Daddy and Mimi and Granddaddy. Please help me to not say 'stupid' because that's a BAD word. In Jesus name, Amen."

I'm not quite sure what brought on that prayer....we haven't had to talk about that word in a long time. Funny what comes to their little minds.

Grace's birthday is tomorrow, and I spent the evening putting together some goody bags for her birthday party on Monday. It's hard to believe our baby is turning four. Time just flies, and we're treasuring every year!

Tomorrow afternoon I will decorate her birthday cake.  Mom already baked the layers, so I'll just need to assemble/ice/decorate.  We're going with a Minnie Mouse theme this year.  I've been stressing a little bit about decorating the cake, so Todd asked me this morning why I didn't just buy one at Wal-Mart?  I can't stand the thought of buying a bakery cake after I spent all summer (and about $300) taking Wilton cake decorating classes a couple of years ago.  I had visions of starting a cake decorating business.  I quickly found out that the amount of time/energy/stress that goes into making a special cake for someone isn't really worth the money.    So, I've just enjoyed making cakes for a few friends/family and haven't really advertised myself.  I'm feeling a little out of practice now, but we'll see what happens tomorrow!  If it's not too terrible, I'll post a picture....

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Anonymous said...

Glad you arrived safe and sound. Glad to hear Grace is enjoying her grandparents. I have the best memories of spending almost every Christmas with mine when I was younger.

I am sure your cake will be fine, and Grace will be thrilled no matter what Minnie looks like.